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About white star

White Star Investment & Properties Development Co. LTD

Incorporated in Nigeria with No. RC 1254866. The company was established to develop well architectural, quality, rare, and smart estates and homes as one of its primary objectives. Its intent is to have positive performance in standard project delivery and affordable real estate.

White Star Properties has been constant with innovative ways to satisfy its corporate clients and individual need through steady investment in real estate, assets management services, and investment financing.

The company is pre-eminently focused on the development of residential, commercial, and multi-purpose properties. It has been extensively embraced in its impressive development of residential properties. In its growing portfolio of property Investment and development in Nigeria, the company with its professional team is developing a White Star Royal Estate at Jedo Mega City ………….

“We take pride in our work and are committed to making each of our clients happy.”



We Uphold the value of honesty, a high standard of ethical behavior, and transparency in our dealings with our clients and customers.


White Star is always open to collaborating with like-minded partners to deliver quality and assured Services and projects to our esteemed customers.


We are committed to professional excellence to make sure that our clients and partners receive the highest professional & quality service.


We believe in the power of innovation, so we've built our business around it. Our team of professional staff is in constant update with modern inventions, concepts, and technologies. This ingenuity ensures the growth and success of the company and provides contentment to our clients.


We make sure that teamwork in collaboration with the expertise of our professional staff provides us the ground to accomplish standard and rare properties for our clients.


Our mission is to have a monogram print in the real estate industry by developing exquisite, well-tailored, and smart homes /estates with great emphasis on our basic core values of excellence, innovation, and professionalism. Our purpose is ” TURNING DREAMS TO HOMES”